Phoenix Roze

Phoenix Roze

"Simplicity”, says Guy Rozenstrich, the man behind the exquisitely delicate jewels from Phoenix Roze, “is in the root of elegance, and so it is very refreshing to go back to the simple, the elegant, the everlasting." Using only the finest materials, Rozenstrich has been handcrafting recycled gold and carefully sourced minerals into graceful and eco-friendly pieces at his New York City boutique and workshop since 2006. A second generation jeweler, Rozenstrich decided to follow in his fathers footsteps after completing his BFA in 2003 in fine arts from the School Of Visual Arts, and his MA from the New school in Media Studies and Film, always thinking of himself as an artist who fell in love with jewelry. He personally makes every single piece, taking pleasure not only in the design but the entire process, imbuing everything that leaves his atelier with love and energy. “Everybody can wear Phoenix Roze; the young girls starting college or women already accomplished. Everyone wants to look great at any age. The only thing that changes is how much you want to spend. I try to have a variety of prices for people.”


Phoenix Roze

Name: Guy Rozenstrich

Occupation: Artist/ Jeweler

First job: Mixing colors for my Grandfather when he was painting

Worst job: working as a bank teller

What do you know about?
I know that life is never what we see, I know that there is a larger plan for all of us. I know that love is not the illusion but life is.  I learned that forgiveness is a powerful transformational tool especially if you use it to forgive yourself for your mistakes. I know that if I trust the light it will guide me to the right place and will help me grow and manifest my truth.  I know that I am not lacking in any way, that everything is within me and I just need to connect to it, and accept it in order to express it.  I know that peace is the only way we can evolve as a race.

Where are you based?  

Do you have a job title? What is it?
Head Designer/ Owner for Phoenix Roze.

How did you first become interested in jewelry design?
As a child I remember my father making jewelry. I would always get into his stone box and play with the stones. Imagining it was a lost treasure that my playmobil men dug. 

What’s your favourite piece?
My favorite piece, is always the next piece I design.  As an artist I believe in infinite growth and change. I feel I am trying to express the same thing over and over again, and each time I refine it and get closer to the expression of my authentic self.  It is never about the final product.

Why do you do what you do?
Long time ago someone told me that we need to do only 2 things in life: one is to fight for justice and second to create beauty. As an artist I feel very comfortable with manifesting beauty in this world. But I am also very interested in fighting for justice for all. I hope that one day I will be able combine these the two and express both in my art and life.

If you weren’t you, who or what would you be?
I would love to be the statue of liberty. Standing in the middle of the ocean greeting all the new immigrants to the United States, with no judgment welcoming everyone who wish to start a new life, which have a dream and chose to make it happened. 

Sell yourself in 10 words?
Refined delicate hand made jewelry made by love for all.