Jonathan Kugel

Jonathan F Kugel Fine Art

Art Dealer Jonathan Kugel is Sophia’s man in the know when it comes to discovering new artists. French born, to a family with no less than five generations of antique dealers to their name, Kugel combines his love for antiques with representing emerging European artists. Based in London, Kugel set up his company in 2012 after learning the art dealing trade with renowned sculpture dealers, the Tomasso Brothers. He opened his first stand alone space in October 2016 in the Sablon neighbourhood of Brussels. We have partnered with Kugel to curate a selection of fine art prints available to buy on 10 Curates- pieces that we really want to own and think you will too. From Anthony Valon’s photographic ‘overlays’ depicting land and skyscapes, to Darwin, Sinke & Van Tongeren’s photographs of the taxidermy process, these are fine art prints that inspire and fascinate. The selection available to buy on 10curates will be regularly updated with new limited edition, artist signed work, to keep your aesthetic desires well and truly satiated.


Jonathan Kugel

Name: Jonathan F. Kugel

Occupation: Art Dealer

First job: Selling flowers taken from the neighbour’s garden when I was about 8 years old

Worst job: Salesman in a call center.

What do you know about?
I know about works of art, history, politics, photography, cinematography and a lot of useless random facts. 
I also know how to lead a project.

Where are you based? 
VDK & JFK is my exhibition space in Brussels but you can mostly find me in the Eurostar travelling between Brussels, London and Paris.

Do you have a job title? What is it?
I tell people I’m an art dealer. 
In reality I can be a manager, creative director, curator, consultant or event producer depending on the project… 
As I make a living by selling pieces of art, I think art dealer is an accurate title.

How did you first become interested in art?
I grew up in a family of antiques dealer, so I guess I didn’t have a choice.

What’s your favourite piece?
I have two.
A Turkish 19th century bronze of 2 acrobats that my father gave me for my 25th birthday, and a plastic oscar statue with BEST BROTHER written on it, given to me by my sister.

Why do you do what you do?
I have the luck to have a job that allows me to expand my knowledge every day, and I love the artists I represent. They push me to give my best. 

If you weren’t you, who or what would you be?
Doug Stanhope

Sell yourself in 10 words?