Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou

about us

Allow us to introduce you to 10 Curates, the newest member of the 10 family, sprung from the imagination of our fearless leader, Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, where we bring together, to quote from the Sound of Music, a few of her very favourite things.  10 Curates is a unique, shoppable environment that showcases a selection of beautiful, rare and unique objects and stores. Think of it as a magical online portal that will share with you Sophia’s ‘Objects of Desire’, a collection of carefully selected art, prints, objects and curiosities from her favourite places around the world that she loves and knows you will too. 

To quote Sophia, “There are so many wonderful places and people that I have discovered on my travels over the years that I always revisit when I want something special. I wanted to create an online space to showcase them, and give everybody access to these beautiful things. When I buy somebody else, or myself, a gift I want it to be unique and desirable, so I have brought together an edit of things that I would love to give or receive, in one place, where people who don’t necessarily have the time or opportunity to go out and find them can access them too.”

Everything you will see on 10 Curates can be purchased and shipped to you, or to someone you love, giving you access to unique pieces, lovingly curated to add some beauty to your lives! So allow us to invite you, dear readers, to explore the wonders of a whole new world, just waiting to be explored.